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Aok Art is a trademark of the Artsho Corp.

Toward showing image(s) with a KHOU ad from a digital camera
Managed by the Artsho Corp.

Overview :
We can crop and resize your existing digital camera images 
for internet display with your KHOU ad. Afterwards, we 
can email them to you for you to upload to the ad. If 
you like, we'll upload them to your existing ad for you. 

Pricing :

Crop and resize digital camera images

For the first or only 1 image with an order      $  9.00

Crop & resize images #2 through #10, each           3.00

Options applicable only for digital camera images

Email these digital images to you, each             2.00

Upload these images to same ad for you, each        1.00

Copy digital images to disk (up to 10 maximum)      5.00

Shipping & handling back to you (of this order)     6.50

Frequently Asked Questions

 Toward showing images with a KHOU ad from a digital camera   Selections   Descriptions of the options related only to digital images  1     Crop & resize the first (or only) digital image 
 $ 9.00 for the 1st digital image  Additional number of images to crop and resize (0 to 9) 
 $ 3.00 for each of the additional images   The following options are applicable only for the preceeding images   Total number of digital images to email to you 
 $ 2.00 for each of all the images  Total number of these images to upload to same ad 
 $ 1.00 for each of all the images  Copy revised digital images to a disk: 0=No ; 1=Yes 
 $ 5.00 to copy up to all 10 images on a disk

Notes :
This order form and these prices apply to potential orders 
where the customer already has the related KHOU ad online 
but needs to have their digital camera images cropped 
and resized for uploading to that ad. 

This order form and these prices do not apply to any order 
where the customer has paper photographs or does not 
already have the related KHOU ad online. 

Prices are subject to change without notice. 

Questions? Contact us first

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