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Aok Art is a trademark of the Artsho Corp.

FAQ about photo services we provide for a KHOU ad
Managed by the Artsho Corp.

Notes applying only to paper photograph orders :

How am I to get my paper photos to you? 
If there's a rush, simply drop them off at our home office 
in NW Houston (please call in advance for an appointment). 
If there's no rush, mailing them saves time and expense. 

How do I get my paper photographs back? 
If you wish, we can mail them back. 

I have paper photos for scanning, cropping and resizing. 
What is the web address for placing this kind of order?  
Click here to process paper photos 

Notes applying only to still digital image orders :

I already have digital images from a digital camera. 
Can you process these for an ad with KHOU? 
1. Only if you are successfully able to: 
   a. separate copies of the images you want processed 
      from your camera's storage media for one ad; 
   b. email them to us separately (not compressed or 
      zipped), as individual attachments in one email. 
2. Only if we: 
   a. are then able to view your digital images; 
   b. send you a response email which states that the  
      image viewing was a success on our end. 
3. Please do not place your order until we are both in 
   alignment in all these respects.

What is the web address for placing an order for cropping, 
resizing and processing the images from my digital camera?  
After all the listed steps have been successfully completed 
Click here to process digital images 

Notes applying to paper photographs or digital images :

Are you an employee, affiliate, representative of KHOU?

How much actual experience do you have scanning photos, 
cropping, resizing, emailing, uploading digital images? 
This is the start of the 8th year doing so commercially. 

Have you ever subcontracted the work to someone else? 

What's the main advantage for using your services? 

How do I get my cropped and resized images? 
We can email them to you for the fastest turn around. If 
you wish, a copy of them can be mailed to you on a disk. 

Will the images have different outside dimensions? 
We seek to provide uniform outer image widths and heights 
for an order - in order to have a consistent view size. 

Can we place an order online using a credit card? 
Yes. We accept numerous credit cards through our web site 
and offer PayPal as an alternative. 

Why does Artsho Corp. show up on the shopping cart? 
Artsho Corp. is the name of the company which owns the 
web site, directly provides the services and will also
be listed on your credit card statement. 

I'm not comfortable with using my credit card online. 
Is there an alternative? 
Yes, place your order online. Once you're presented our 
Shopping Cart to check your order details, in the lower 
left hand corner of the page is a drop down box labeled 
'Payment options'. Click on the down arrow symbol and 
choose the last option: "Cashier Check or Money Order - 
by Mail". 

Can you upload the images to our ad for me? 
Only if you grant us permission to do so and guarantee 
to never ever take us to court. To provide this service, 
we would need your: username, password and the ad number. 
After uploading the images, we would notify you by email 
of the uploads completion; at that time, we suggest that 
the password be promptly changed. 

If I only want just a single photo or image processed, 
will you do that? 

What is the method you use to process orders? 
First paid order in, first paid order out. 

May we pay after the work has been completed? 
Payment is due prior to starting the services. 

We want to lump a few orders together without 
using an online order form. Is that ok? 

Questions? Contact us first

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