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Aok Art is a trademark of the Artsho Corp.

Image resizing
Managed by the Artsho Corp.

Want to have one or more digital images resized?
Have us do it for you. Our pricing is reasonable
and more affordable than inhouse design services.

To place your order below, include the following:
a. the number of images to be resized
b. the desired image size in inches or pixels
c. method by which you will convey the images
d. if applicable, the present URL address(es)
   from which we are to download the image(s)
   (separate multiple addresses with a space)
e. email address to which to send the images
   after the resizing operation is complete.

 Resize an image. Price = $ 8 per revision   Quantity   Width   Height   Measurement    About 72 PPI    Sending by    Internet
 Address(es)      Email to    

Given there is a valid service which you desire but have been unable to find online: contact us

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